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Orpington chick growth – week 1

One thing that I wanted to do once the chicks had hatched was documenting their day-to-day growth. I thought it would be nice to see them grow, to look back at later. Writing this blog now I’m realizing how fast they grow… It’s astonishing! I’m really glad I decided to take a photo every day!

The photos were taken each day of the same chick – Chip – close to the time they hatched. He/she didn’t feel every day like being a model, so some photos may be not as sharp as others, but it gives a good impression of its growth.

Orpington chick, just hatched
Day 0 – just hatched (juli 4th)
Orpington chick, 1 day old
1 day (24 hours) old
Orpington chick, 2 days old
2 days old
Orpington chick, 3 days old
3 days old

If you look closely, you can see feathers have started to develop on the wings! We also had to clean his butt the following day because poop was piling up on his fluffy butt.

Orpington chick, 4 days old
4 days old

“You said what?!” Look at how much the wing feathers developed in just 24 hours…

Orpington chick, 5 days old
5 days old

On day 5 Chip finally lost its egg tooth. On the previous pics you can see it on the top of his beak. Nugget lost his egg tooth the day before 🙂

Orpington chick, 6 days old
6 days old

Today Chip’s instincts kicked in, learning him to scratch the ground for food. He doesn’t need the skill yet, but its real fun to see their instincts slowly kick in. I’ve also spotted him trying to take a dust bath on a towel (or at least it looked like it).

Orpington chick, 7 days old
7 days old

On day seven we decided to let them outside for a bit. The weather was beautiful, it was hot and the chicks seemed to be old enough to see the outside world for the first time. And ofcourse Chip – insatiable as he is – found a rainworm. A huge one! He didn’t have to think twice and ate it whole… which is why his crop is so big on the last pic 🙂 They had a whole lot of fun, and took a good, long nap afterward… 🙂

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