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    Recipe: Red fruit salad

    Since a week or so, there’s three types of fruit on our property that have become ripe in astonishing (to me) amounts; strawberries, redcurrant berries and cherries. That means we have loads of ripe fruit to eat and preserve, and while I like to preserve them for later, I just love eating them fresh. My favorite thing to make with them so far, is a quick and easy fruit salad. And it’s really versatile as well! Ingredients Strawberries (180g) Redcurrant berries (65g) Cherries (180g) Optional: a couple mint leaves Optional: cinnamon I listed the amounts I used if you think you’d like the same ratio, but you can really use…

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    Recipe: Asparagus soup

    At this time, I have two recipes for asparagus that I love to make – and eat. The first one was the asparagus salad for on toast that I shared before, and the other one is a healthy, delicious soup that I will share with you right now. And it’s ridiculous easy to make as well, so that’s a win in my book! Ingredients 350-400 gram asparagus (peeled) 1 onion 1 chicken stock cube 750 ml water 100ml cooking cream 40 gram flour 35 gram butter Optional: 3 (big) leaves of lovage, with stem Optional: 1 or 2 eggs Optional: parsley and/or black pepper to taste Instructions Peel your asparagus…

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    Recipe: Asparagus salad (for on toast)

    Ever since the asparagus bed in our garden has started growing asparagus, I’ve found myself in the luxurious position of having more asparagus than I have recipes to use them in. Ofcourse you can boil them, make some sauce and eat them as vegetables for dinner – but there’s gotta be more ways to eat them! So, I asked my mom for a recipe. She gave me her recipe for asparagus on toast, and it’s a success! Without further ado, let me share it with you : ) Ingredients 100 grams of peeled asparagus 1 egg 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise Half a tablespoon of crème fraîche Fresh parsley (I used…