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    Warmer weather saves the day – Garden updates (7)

    Buckle up and have your cup of tea at the ready, because it’s gonna be a big one : ) I’ve got lots of pics to show, of which many of the fruit trees! Ever since Ice Saints feast (my last garden update) temperatures have been rising, and it hasn’t frozen at night anymore either. It’s causing a cascade of things happening in the garden – it’s like the plants are saying: now it’s our time. Garden patches Since that fateful Ice Saints feast’s night we’ve been closely monitoring the plants and watered them a bit extra – I figured if we wanted the best chances of survival for the…

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    Garden Updates,  Vegetable gardening

    Rain at last – Garden updates (4)

    The last week it has been raining pretty much non-stop. And I’m glad it did, because the garden really needed it. The grass – and even the moss – had started yellowing, the soil was beginning to look like dust and the ponds water level was starting to get really low. On the positive side, it was the perfect time to move the remaining tomato plants into the garden! They wouldn’t get sun scorched or too dry. Since they already started flowering they really needed to go outside, so we did as soon as it didn’t rain for a little while : ) As you can see, they’re really big…