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    DIY Bee/Insect Hotel

    Ever since we have a garden again, I’ve been itching to DIY a bee/insect hotel. We have plenty of housing for insects in the vegetation in the garden, but I like the idea of helping nature.. And besides, the more bees and insects, the better for the garden! I also chose to make one instead of buying one so I could use some of the unused materials on the property. I can also make it as big/small as I want, and it’ll be made of nothing but natural materials. First of all, I needed a base. The logs we still had from the fallen tree would be perfect for this!…

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    Removing a fallen tree

    A couple of days before we moved into our home, a storm raged over our country causing one of the trees on the property to fall over. It was one of the trees close to the house – so luckily it didn’t fall on the house. It was one of the trees that stood in view of the kitchen/dining room window. These windows also look out on a small forest, and we like that view. The tree however blocked some of that view, so we decided to remove it. This sad pile was the tree that had fallen down. As you can see, it’s a sad pile of branches –…