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    Garden Updates (20)

    Although the weather was rainy all week, I’ve done a lot of weeding and cleaning up. We’ve also sown some new veggies, since the freezer is already overflowing with green beans, snap beans and cabbages. Harvests 1,4kg snap beans (cleaned weight) 900g red cabbage (cleaned weight) 500g savoy cabbage (cleaned weight) 5 cucumbers 250g chard (cleaned weight) 400g carrots (cleaned weight) 2 mini paprika 1 yolo wonder paprika As a bit of a side note, the first apple tree was also ready to harvest. It was one of the smallest ones, and bore green, sour apples. Perfect for applesauce and apple pie! Long story short – we’ve now got about…

  • Garden Updates,  Vegetable gardening

    Garden updates (19)

    This week we’ve finally managed to create some space in the vegetable garden again. Now to think what to do with it! We’ve had so much to harvest, I’ve been busy with processing the harvest for days! 🙂 Can’t say I miss the television though. Harvests As you can see on the overview picture, we’ve harvested quite a bit. Here’s a small portion of that: We got rid of the bolted arugula (and tons of weed!) but we’ve also actually harvested quite a bit this week: 2 white cabbages (combined 3 kg) Chard (1kg – cleaned weight) Green beans (2.5 kg – cleaned weight) Snap beans (1kg – cleaned weight)…

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    The harvest continues – Garden updates (18)

    When I thought last week’s harvests were crazy, I certainly wasn’t prepared for this week. Not only did the plum harvest continue, but this whole week we only ate veggies harvested from our own garden! It feels awesome, and they taste amazing 🙂 It’s especially awesome to have lettuce in our own garden now that there’s a heat wave. I’m not one for having a hit meal when it’s 30 degrees Celsius out, so it’s great to just go to the garden and get ourselves some lettuce and herbs to go with it. Harvests At the beginning of the week we still had some warm meals, with veggies from our…

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    So many harvests! – Garden updates (17)

    This week has been crazy! Since we harvested the potatoes last week, we’ve seen many more vegetables (and fruits!) closing in on being ready to harvest. I’m really going to need a bigger freezer and a lot more (weck)pots soon… 🙂 Harvests The first thing we got this week were our first broccoli’s! We harvested those, and I made a nice pasta dish with them. They taste so good! And we’ve got 4 more that’re ready to harvest and more that will soon… I’ve also harvested the onions today! The leaves were dying off and bending down, so we pulled them out of the ground. It was pretty easy to…

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    Potato harvest & more to come – Garden updates (16)

    My last garden update I already said the potatoes were ready for harvest. So this week, when we finally had a day without rain, we actually harvested them! It was really exciting to see the fruits of our labor (literally) and see how well the potato plants did. So we grabbed our prong, some buckets, and went to work. We pulled the plants one by one out of the ground, and pulled whatever potato was left on it from the roots. The plants went to the composting bin, and the potatoes to the buckets 🙂 Then, we used the prong to loosen and turn the soil to find whatever potato…