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    Dehydrating strawberries

    So far, we’ve been harvesting a LOT of strawberries. We’ve eaten a lot of them as a snack, made jam, liquor and added them to various salads. Lately however, I feel like the supply is slowly drying out – the sign strawberry season might be over. I really wanted to keep some for later so I thought this was a good moment to dehydrate some! I decided to do this as an experiment on a late evening, so I used strawberries that were waiting in the refrigerator to be eaten; there were probably a couple hundred grams of them. On a sidenote, it still amazes me to think that “I…

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    Recipe: Red fruit salad

    Since a week or so, there’s three types of fruit on our property that have become ripe in astonishing (to me) amounts; strawberries, redcurrant berries and cherries. That means we have loads of ripe fruit to eat and preserve, and while I like to preserve them for later, I just love eating them fresh. My favorite thing to make with them so far, is a quick and easy fruit salad. And it’s really versatile as well! Ingredients Strawberries (180g) Redcurrant berries (65g) Cherries (180g) Optional: a couple mint leaves Optional: cinnamon I listed the amounts I used if you think you’d like the same ratio, but you can really use…

  • Feature asparagus soup

    Recipe: Asparagus soup

    At this time, I have two recipes for asparagus that I love to make – and eat. The first one was the asparagus salad for on toast that I shared before, and the other one is a healthy, delicious soup that I will share with you right now. And it’s ridiculous easy to make as well, so that’s a win in my book! Ingredients 350-400 gram asparagus (peeled) 1 onion 1 chicken stock cube 750 ml water 100ml cooking cream 40 gram flour 35 gram butter Optional: 3 (big) leaves of lovage, with stem Optional: 1 or 2 eggs Optional: parsley and/or black pepper to taste Instructions Peel your asparagus…

  • Chives flowers & lovage in the dehydrator
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    Dehydrating lovage and chives flowers

    So I don’t know if you noticed it in the overview pictures of my garden updates, but the lovage is growing like crazy. With our current consuming rate, we can’t possibly use enough of it. Although I’ve read somewhere you can cook it and eat it much like spinach, I haven’t tried that yet. So right now, the lovage just grows, and grows, and grows… At this point, it’s starting to take away light from other plants growing nearby. So, time to harvest some. As for the chives, it really is the same thing. It has grown so much, it has started flowering. Lucky for me, I knew the flowers…

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    Recipe: Asparagus salad (for on toast)

    Ever since the asparagus bed in our garden has started growing asparagus, I’ve found myself in the luxurious position of having more asparagus than I have recipes to use them in. Ofcourse you can boil them, make some sauce and eat them as vegetables for dinner – but there’s gotta be more ways to eat them! So, I asked my mom for a recipe. She gave me her recipe for asparagus on toast, and it’s a success! Without further ado, let me share it with you : ) Ingredients 100 grams of peeled asparagus 1 egg 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise Half a tablespoon of crème fraîche Fresh parsley (I used…