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    Hatching the chicks – Planning for chickens (5)

    Now that we’ve had finished most of the coop, it was time to start hatching the chicks! We could have bought adult chickens or already hatched chicks, but we really wanted to hatch the chicks ourselves. We’d actually get to see them grow up! 😀 So, we had to decide on the breed first. I’ve written before about the three breeds we had in mind. After a lot of going back and forth between them, we finally settled for Orpington chickens! 🙂 After writing that blog post we’ve seen them in real life and we really fell in love with them… Preparations First things first, we needed a starter kit:…

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    Building the coop: exterior – Planning for chickens (4)

    With the coop frame done, it’s time to cover it so the chickens will stay safe, warm and dry : ) After some looking around, we decided to cover the coop with rebate planks. I love natural materials, and in my opinion wood looks just beautiful! On top of that it isolates, and with the right joint it fits tight together making it wind and water proof. We chose two different kinds of rebate – pine rebate for the walls, and douglas swedish rebate for the roof. We took two different kinds of wood to create contrast in color. Basically just for looks : ) Through the plans I made…

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    Building the coop: frame – Planning for chickens (3)

    A couple weeks ago I wrote about the plans I drew for the chicken coop. Based on those plans we ordered the wood. Because the plans were drawn on scale, we could simply measure the distances on the paper and calculate from there what the real sizes should be. 1cm on paper is equal to 25cm on full scale, so it was pretty easy to calculate what we needed. Round it up for sawing waste, error margin and drawing imperfections and ta-dah! There it is : ) After that, we needed to figure out the most efficient way to saw the lengths off 4m beams, to figure out how many…

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    Planning the coop – Planning for chickens (2)

    Now we roughly know what breed of chickens we want, we can start planning the coop. We had a rough idea of making a henhouse for (nightly) cover and laying nests, with a huge run around it so the chickens have lots of space to roam. The run would be used mostly when we only just got the chickens, to help them get used to the area. Or when we don’t want them roaming around the garden for one reason or another. We already thought where we want the coop: near the kitchen. That way, the chickens are always nearby, and we can see them roaming around from the dining…

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    Choosing a breed – Planning for chickens (1)

    For a while now we’ve been thinking about getting some chickens. We eat a lot of eggs – in salads, with asparagus and for lunch – especially now we’re working from home. So why not get the source? We’ve got plenty of space in the garden and we’ve been thinking about getting some farm animals anyway so the space wouldn’t be wasted. We thought we’d start with building a chicken coop before choosing a chicken breed, but after gathering more information on chickens and coops we decided it would be best to choose a breed first. Chickens come in all kinds of different sizes and characters, so if we know…