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Dehydrating peppers

Pepper season has arrived, and I’ve many more peppers to be harvest than I can possibly use before they go bad. I like to use them year round, so it was time to try and preserve them. I could always freeze them, but I always forget they’re there. So, it was time to put the dehydrator to work again 🙂

Numex Twilight peppers

I had 2 kinds of peppers to preserve; Cayenne peppers and Numex Twilight peppers. I tried both, and it worked for both on the same time and temperature even though they’re sized differently. Granted, I cut the peppers into rings of a couple mm wide, but still 🙂

Numex Twilight peppers cut into rings
Numex Twilight peppers, cut into rings

Also, a word of warning. These peppers are really hot… While cutting them up, the fumes made my eyes tear up and my nose itch. I thought cutting up onions was bad for making my eyes tear up, but these not only made me cry but also sneeze 🙂

Since these peppers are really small, I spread the rings out on a cheesecloth on a dehydrating rack. That way they won’t fall off.

Numex Twilight peppers, ready to dehydrate
Numex Twilight peppers, ready to dehydrate

I put the dehydrator on 57 degrees Celcius for 18 hours and let it do its work. The next day, both the Numex Twilight and Cayenne peppers were nicely dehydrated.

In an attempt to make a powder, I tried to ground them up using my pestle and mortar. While – with a bit effort – the pieces became smaller, they didn’t turn into a powder. I think it’s because the dehydrated pieces still hold some oils.

I stored the kinda-ground-pieces in old herb jars I saved, and now they’re ready to use! 🙂

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