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Garden Updates (20)

Although the weather was rainy all week, I’ve done a lot of weeding and cleaning up. We’ve also sown some new veggies, since the freezer is already overflowing with green beans, snap beans and cabbages.

Garden update 20


  • 1,4kg snap beans (cleaned weight)
  • 900g red cabbage (cleaned weight)
  • 500g savoy cabbage (cleaned weight)
  • 5 cucumbers
  • 250g chard (cleaned weight)
  • 400g carrots (cleaned weight)
  • 2 mini paprika
  • 1 yolo wonder paprika

As a bit of a side note, the first apple tree was also ready to harvest. It was one of the smallest ones, and bore green, sour apples. Perfect for applesauce and apple pie! Long story short – we’ve now got about 3kg of applesauce in the freezer, and an apple pie 🙂

Cleaning up

The bean plants are all harvested empty, and thus removed. We’ve also removed the broccoli plants, as they – sadly – were riddled with cabbage butterfly caterpillars. And lots of weeding and removing excess strawberry plants was done 🙂


Because we cleaned out a whole lot of space in the garden, we had room to sow some new stuff! We moved our rhubarb sprouts (12) to the vegetable garden, hoping they’ll keep growing so we’ll have loads of rhubarb in the future! So far they don’t look to well but we’ll see.

We’ve also sown:

  • More chard 🙂
  • Rapini
  • Lamb’s lettuce
  • Radishes

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