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Orpington chick growth – week 6

This week I didn’t take Chip’s picture every day. We’ve been putting them outside in their new run outside during daytime, so Chip was either really tired when we took them back inside again and/or bustling with energy trying to run back outside. Though I didn’t really mind, since they’re not growing as fast as they used to anymore.

Orpington chick, 36 days old
36 days old
Orpington chick, 38 days old
38 days old
Orpington chick, 39 days old
39 days old
Orpington chick, 40 days old
40 days old

Here’s a couple pics of the whole gang outside:

Here you can see how big Nugget (the left buff chick) is compared to the white chicks.
Chilling near their human 🙂

It was here that I realized Nugget and Chip are both probably hens. They both still have their yellow combs, while rooster’s combs should be visible red around this age. One (or two, not quite sure yet) of the white Orpies does have a reddening comb: the one in the middle of the picture above. Although it’s not that clear at that picture yet 🙂

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