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Garden updates (19)

This week we’ve finally managed to create some space in the vegetable garden again. Now to think what to do with it! We’ve had so much to harvest, I’ve been busy with processing the harvest for days! 🙂 Can’t say I miss the television though.

Garden overview 19
Garden overview 19


As you can see on the overview picture, we’ve harvested quite a bit. Here’s a small portion of that:

A little bit of this week’s harvest!

We got rid of the bolted arugula (and tons of weed!) but we’ve also actually harvested quite a bit this week:

  • 2 white cabbages (combined 3 kg)
  • Chard (1kg – cleaned weight)
  • Green beans (2.5 kg – cleaned weight)
  • Snap beans (1kg – cleaned weight)
  • Carrots (2.2kg – cleaned weight)
  • Some broccili
  • A premature cucumber 🙂

Theres also a couple of appletrees ready to harvest – while there’s a lot more, I already harvested about 3kg of apples this week. They are really sour, so not my favorite to eat as is, but they’re perfect for making applesauce!


While I haven’t sowed anything new in the garden this week, we’ve got a lot of space opening up so I should really think what to (re-)sow there. I’m thinking more carrots, chard and beans. I’ll decide on that next week 🙂

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