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Orpington chick growth – week 5

In our 5th week of growth, Chip really began to look like a real chicken. At the end of the week, she’s barely got any of her baby-fluff left… I’m kinda sad it’s all gone so soon, but I’m curious to see how the remainder of her growth is going to be.

Orpington chick, 29 days old
29 days old
Orpington chick, 30 days old
30 days old

“Nope… I’m not going to sit still! …now where’s that mealworm?”

Orpington chick, 31 days old
31 days old
Orpington chick, 32 days old
32 days old
33 days old
33 days old

“What’s that over there? Is that a… fly?!”

Orpington chick, 34 days old
34 days old
Orpington chick, 35 days old
35 days old

Chip doesn’t seem to change that much from pic to pic… even less than the last couple of weeks. She’s definitely growing though, and losing more and more fluff. It’s especially noticeable comparing the first and last picture.

The white Orpies are also growing – here’s a pic of Snowball 🙂 He’s grown so much since last week…

White Orpington chick, probably 4 weeks old
Snowball – approximately 4 weeks old

I have a feeling that the white Orpies we got follow a slightly different growing curve than Chip. Not quite sure if it’s because of the color, the parents, coincidence of maybe even the food they got in the first week(s) after hatching.

You might wonder – why’s its nose black? Well… We’ve let them run around the garden for a couple hours this week, and they decided it would be great to scratch and peck (and dustbath) to their heart’s content in black sand.

Having the time of their lives 🙂

They had a great time running around after crickets and flies, catching and eating them (and stealing them from eachother). I can’t wait till they’re old enough to go outside permanently.

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