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The harvest continues – Garden updates (18)

When I thought last week’s harvests were crazy, I certainly wasn’t prepared for this week. Not only did the plum harvest continue, but this whole week we only ate veggies harvested from our own garden! It feels awesome, and they taste amazing πŸ™‚

It’s especially awesome to have lettuce in our own garden now that there’s a heat wave. I’m not one for having a hit meal when it’s 30 degrees Celsius out, so it’s great to just go to the garden and get ourselves some lettuce and herbs to go with it.


At the beginning of the week we still had some warm meals, with veggies from our garden. We’ve harvested the first carrots (sadly no picture was taken), but also haricots vert!

As I predicted last week, the beans had come in season so we had to try them! I’ll just say I’m so very glad we’ve sown them. I feel like this is a recurring thought of mine, but we’re saving so much money by sowing and harvesting our own veggies. And they taste just as good, if not better!

The snap beans should also be almost ready to harvest, but we’re giving them a bit more time on the plant. (Aka: we’re waiting for the heat wave to pass… πŸ™‚ )

Snap beans
Snap beans

This sudden heat wave also caused our peppers to make progress; suddenly we’re seeing a lot of coloration and some peppers jumped to becoming red. I’m going to have to keep an eye on them, to make sure I harvest them in time!

Small cayenne pepper
Peppers are suddenly coloring

Other updates

The tomatoes surprised me as well. They’ve been through frostbite, they almost died off because we planted the potatoes next to them… I’d pretty much given up on them. I also rarely checked on them for that very same reason. But when I checked on them today… I saw tomatoes! Still green, but tomatoes non the less… Fingers crossed I’ll actually get to harvest some of them πŸ˜€

Against all odds – tomatoes!

I need to do a lot of maintenance on the garden soon. We’ve got a lot of bolted lettuce and arugula, and lots of weed in the garden. That’ll have to wait until the heat wave passes. I’m not going to weed in the burning sun when it’s 30+ degrees Celsius in the shadow. But I gotta admit, the vegetable garden looks kinda bad from this angle at the moment πŸ™‚

Garden overview

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