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Orpington chick growth – week 4

Time just seems to fly as I write these blogs about our Orpies growth each week. As I look back at the pictures, they grow SO much each week…It’s worth mentioning they also seem to grow in character. No matter how much I try, Chip just seems to be less and less willing to have her picture taken each day. She can’t even be bought with mealworms anymore 🙂

Orpington chick, 22 days old
22 days old

Right at the beginning of the week Chip already was grumpy 🙂

Orpington chick, 23 days old
23 days old
Orpington chick, 24 days old
24 days old

And we have a good day again! She’s really fluffing up around her tail and legs, and really developing more feathering. Her head’s still really fluffy.

Orpington chick, 25 days old
25 days old
Orpington chick, 26 days old
26 days old

What can I say, I really like their fluffy butts… 🙂 On this picture you can really start seeing the feathers on the head are starting to develop. Not because you can see feathers, but because the fluff is loosening up.

Orpington chick, 27 days old
27 days old
Orpington chick, 28 days old
28 days old

And that’s another week of Chips’s growth! Here’s another pic of Snowball, one of the white Orpies we got 2 weeks before. He’s a bit dirty from taking a dustbath in dark sand, but that’s okay 🙂

On the following pic – starting with the left buff Orpington, going counter-clockwise – are Nugget, Chip, Grey snowball, Tiny Tim, Yellow, and Snowball. You can see the difference in tail (and overall fluffy-ness) in Chip and Nugget, as well as the slight size difference.

Our 4 week old Orpington chicks
All chicks

As for the tiny chick, Tiny Tim is really tiny – considering it’s of the exact same age as the other white Orpies. Comparing with last week’s picture, he also seem to be growing at a slower pace. I wonder if he’ll end up the same size as the others and why he’s so small. I wonder if it’s some kind of genetic defect.

Other than it’s size there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong – it’s one burst of energy, running around with the other just fine, and even steals Chips food… Which, if you know Chip, is a major accomplishment… Usually Chip steals food from all other chicks 🙂

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