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So many harvests! – Garden updates (17)

This week has been crazy! Since we harvested the potatoes last week, we’ve seen many more vegetables (and fruits!) closing in on being ready to harvest. I’m really going to need a bigger freezer and a lot more (weck)pots soon… 🙂


The first thing we got this week were our first broccoli’s! We harvested those, and I made a nice pasta dish with them. They taste so good! And we’ve got 4 more that’re ready to harvest and more that will soon…

I’ve also harvested the onions today! The leaves were dying off and bending down, so we pulled them out of the ground. It was pretty easy to get them out. I wiped away some of the dirt before putting them away, and they looked good! Only one that was a bit soft. Gotta keep an eye on that one, so it doesn’t turn out to be rotten and infects all other onions.

The first harvested onion!

In the end, we got 80 HUGE onions. I believe it’s plenty to not have to buy new onions for a year! And while it doesn’t sound like a whole bunch, it turns out 80 onions do fill a wheelbarrow… 🙂

A wheelbarrow filled with onions
Our wheelbarrow, filled with onions 🙂

And the odd one out in this chapter, our plums are also ready! Turns out we have maybe one week to harvest them, or they’ll be overripe and/or eaten by birds and insects. And we found out they were ripe a bit late already… Looks like we’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend! 🙂

Ripe plums, being washed before we process (aka eat) them

Other greens

What’s also closing in on due date, are the beans! Especially the haricots verts are doing great and are looking like they’re ready to be eaten in a few days. And there’s so many of them on the plants! I think we’re able to eat from them for a week when they’re ready… Maybe even longer 😀

Haricot verts
Haricot verts

The snap beans are also growing like crazy, but I think we’ll have to wait a bit longer for those 🙂 Although they already look really good, I believe they’re supposed to become quite a bit bigger than they are now.

Snap beans
Snap beans

There’s a couple more veggies that’re ready for harvest, but I didn’t take pictures of. Those include carrots, white cabbage and lettuce 🙂 Guess who doesn’t have to buy any veggies from the grocery store this week?! Feels great 😀

One other thing I wanted to share, is the growth of our squash! Especially that of the Red Kuri, since the butternut doesn’t bear fruit yet. They are growing so fast, it’s unbelievable. Kinda like Chips growth, in the series I’m posting of the growth of our (for now) little Orpington chicks.

Red Kuri squash
Red Kuri

This week’s overview pic still includes the onions, as I decided to harvest them after I took this pic. And I forgot to make a new one 🙂

Garden overview
Garden overview

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