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Potato harvest & more to come – Garden updates (16)

My last garden update I already said the potatoes were ready for harvest. So this week, when we finally had a day without rain, we actually harvested them! It was really exciting to see the fruits of our labor (literally) and see how well the potato plants did. So we grabbed our prong, some buckets, and went to work.

We pulled the plants one by one out of the ground, and pulled whatever potato was left on it from the roots. The plants went to the composting bin, and the potatoes to the buckets 🙂 Then, we used the prong to loosen and turn the soil to find whatever potato was left in there.

Potato harvest
Using the prong to get to the potatoes

After a while we found that the potato plants on the sides didn’t produce as many potatoes as the ones in the middle of the field. I suppose the grass and other veggies around the potatoes used up nutrients and/or water the potato plants needed, which caused them to produce less. I’m not quite sure 🙂

In the end, we harvested around 30kg of potato – which seems amazing to me, since we planted 1kg of potatoes in the beginning of April… Which means we multiplied our potatoes by 30 times in just 4 months!

Potato harvest
Our potato harvest

After we harvested all potatoes, we laid them out on a dry spot outside. That way they can dry out a bit, creating a thicker, tougher skin so they’re better storable.

Laid out potatoes
Laid out potatoes to dry a bit

24 hours later we categorized them. We decided to store the really small potatoes separately from the bigger sized potatoes, and we kept some separate to plant next year. Another category were the slightly damaged potatoes – we will have to eat those first so they won’t go bad.

We put the potatoes in wooden boxes, and put them in the coolest, driest place of the house – the crawl space. I hope they’ll keep well… but we’ll see that in time 🙂 If not, we will have to think of another solution to store our potatoes next year.

Vegetable garden

Since we harvested the potatoes, we created some space for other vegetables. The kale didn’t have enough room for growth, so we moved them to the newly found space! I wasn’t sure if that would work since they are of decent size already, but it they pulled through. The broccoli’s also gotten more space, and had gone through a growth spurt. I expect we can start harvesting them very soon…

Broccoli, almost ready for harvest
Almost ready for harvest!

The first white cabbage is as good as harvestable as well. It’s a good 20 cm in diameter, which is huge in my book! 🙂 It also means that oxheart cabbage is the fastest growing cabbage, followed by white, red and lastly savoy cabbage.

White cabbage
White cabbage, almost ready

The beans have also really started growing now, and I wonder how long it’ll take before they’re actually ready. They seem to be growing really fast!


Overall, the garden is doing really well! Especially since we haven’t spent a whole lot of time there since we have our little chicks to tame and take care of. Soon we’ll have more time again though, since they grow up so quickly… 🙂

Garden overview
Garden overview


A lot has happened in the orchard as well lately. Everything’s been growing, and last week I’ve noticed some trees seem to be almost harvestable. Here’s some pictures 🙂

The apples on the first (unidentified) apple tree look like they’re harvestable. They’re nice and red and seem to be fully grown.


On another apple tree, a different species, the apples don’t seem harvestable yet. Which is fine by me – otherwise we would have far too many apples ready in one go!

Apple tree
Another apple tree

Apart from apple trees, the pear trees are also doing amazing. We have SO many pears and cooking pears, I’ll have to look up a LOT of recipes! 🙂


The plums are also doing great, in fact, I think they’ll be ready for harvest starting this week… 🙂


The grapes are really getting some shape.


And that’s about it for this weeks update! 🙂

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