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Orpington chick growth – week 2

Following up on last week’s report, here is the second week of Chip’s growth. This week, she really started to look more like an actual (adult) chicken instead of the round, little fluffball she was just a week ago…

Orpington chick, 8 days old
8 days old

It was at this point that Chip developed more of a personality and didn’t really want to pose anymore.

Orpington chick, 9 days old
9 days old

Chip’s tail started to grow some feathers as well now!

Orpington chick, 10 days old
10 days old

Getting a bit of attitude… 😉 There’s also some feathers growing on the shoulders, right above the wing.

Orpington chick, 11 days old
11 days old

On this picture you can really begin to see she’s not as round anymore. She’s got more angles now, especially on her head and back. The tail is also growing noticeably!

Orpington chick, 12 days old
12 days old
Orpington chick, 13 days old
13 days old

Today, Chip was a bit distracted. We got a couple more 2 week old Orpington chicks from a nearby breeder (4 white ones, see below) and she’s hearing their chirps and wants to investigate.

Orpington chick, 14 days old
14 days old

One day later Chip and Nugget were really comfortable with the new chicks, and they didn’t like to be separated. Chip was really anxious to get back to them, so sadly I didn’t get the best picture.

The new chicks

As I said above, we bought 4 new chicks! They’re white Orpingtons, and just like Chip and Nugget 2 weeks old. I tried to take some pictures, but the new chicks were not accustomed to humans at all and so very jumpy at our presence.

Orpington chicks
Chip with the new chicks, the day we got them.

As you can see, the little ones are a lot smaller than Chip and Nugget. Looking at their wing feathers and size, they look more like Chip when he was 6 days old.

Introducing the chicks was no issue at all, at first they stayed as far away from each other as they could, but a couple hours later they were already eating and sleeping together.

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