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Potatoes ready for harvest! – Garden updates (15)

This week I wanted to spend a lot of time in the garden, but naturally I failed. I had so many things to do, like catching our little escape artist Chip before he’d shit all over our living room floor, improving on his enclosure so he’d not escape again (but did anyway) and some other private things. I did have the odd 5 minutes here and there to take a look at the garden so there’s some garden updates!

Remember that tiny little broccoli I showed at my last garden update? Here it is now…

It’s gone through some explosive growth this week…

I can’t believe it’s grown like that!

One thing I can believe is how the beans have been doing. They’re steadily continuing flowering, and some flowers have made place for tiny, tiny beans!

Beans in progress

Space is slowly becoming more and more of an issue. Where it felt like an issue because the potato plants tangled themselves up with the tomato plants and we couldn’t really walk through the vegetable garden without damaging anything, now the pumpkins are joining the fray.

No, I shouldn’t have planted pumpins in the main patch. But I wanted them so badly! And with the pumpkin patch failed and having built a chicken coop there, we also couldn’t plant them there. So, main vegetable patch it was. But anyway, they’re expanding. Over, under and between cucumber plants, kale, broccoli and the beans…

A green vegetable mess :)
Though I love this particular part of the vegetable patch for being so green and versatile, it’s also a bit of a problem for the exact same reason…

But now… That problem may (partly) be solved!

The good and the bad news

You see, as you might have guessed by the title of this blog, the potatoes are ready for harvest… The leavage has died off, meaning they’re ready!

Potatoes, ready for harvest. Looks really sad, but it is good! 🙂

This week we have harvested a couple of plants already, and each wields roughly 1 kg of potatoes. Meaning there’s still 40-50 kg of potato in the ground… They’ll manage a bit longer in the ground, which comes in handy, because we still have to come up with a plan to store them properly.

One thing that’s a bit strange to me, is that around the same time the tomatoes have gotten brown spots on their leaves and aren’t looking too well. I think they might have contracted some disease. Which is really sad, because I had really been looking forward to harvesting our own tomatoes of pasta sauce and things like that, but it is what it is. I had even already spotted the first Roma tomatoes…

Roma tomatoes

As for the overview, this is what the vegetable garden looks like now 🙂

Vegetable garden overview

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