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So much rain… – Garden updates (14)

It’s safe to say I’ve spent no time in the vegetable garden since my last garden update. It’s been raining non-stop, and it wasn’t a drizzle. Luckily, today the rain stopped every now and then for a short while, so I’ve made use of that to check up on the garden again and make some photos.

While I don’t like how long it has been raining for, the garden loved it. Everything’s been growing like crazy! Sadly, the snails love it too and pretty much all our oxheart cabbages have been eaten. What’s interesting is that pretty much none of our other cabbages nor lettuce have been eaten… I think I’ll sow a lot of oxheart cabbages next year, just as a distraction for the snails (and so we can have some more of it, too). 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful?

Another thing that astonished be today, is the size of the onions. I remember we planted them with a diameter of barely 1 cm, and now they’re becoming absolutely massive! They’ve reached a diameter of 8 cm already, and they’re not even ready yet… I wonder how much more time they’ll need 🙂

Onions! They’re getting huge….

Remember how I said we had planted Brussels sprouts which grew up to look like more like broccoli? They’re confirmed broccoli now 🙂 I’ve spotted the first crop!

Tiny broccoli 🙂

I’m thinking to try and plant actual Brussels sprouts when we’ve got more space in the vegetable garden. It’s summer now, so the arugula will soon be out of season and that should free up some more space. Or, if the potatoes are ready for harvest, I’ll have a LOT more space… But it’ll depend on when everything is ready. We’ll see 🙂

And that’s pretty much all updates I’ve got on the garden. I had 15 minutes in between rain showers, and I’m not one for ruining my camera in the rain 🙂 I hope the weather next week is better, so I can give a proper update! Here’s a few more photos and, as usual, the overview 🙂

Chard, with beautiful colors!
Peppers and paprikas
Peppers and Yolo Wonder paprika, which is becoming huge!
Garden overview

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