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A lesson learned – Garden updates (13)

Until this week I hadn’t really noticed how crowded the vegetable garden actually is. We’ve had so many vegetables to plant, that we gave them a little less sowing distance than the packaging adviced, and it didn’t seem a problem. And it wasn’t, for quite some time! Until this week, when I wanted to add some support for the tomato plants…

A lesson learned…

A couple of the diy supports had fallen over, so we wanted to replace or add something that’s more sturdy and would support the tomatoes better. Luckily, we have plenty of old wood and other things left over, so that wasn’t a problem. The problem however, proved to be untangling the fallen tomato plants from the potatoes.

You see, we didn’t follow the row distance advice so both the tomatoes and potatoes slowly got wider and wider with time… And they’ve grown completely together. In the end we managed to untangle them however, so although they’re still too close together at least the tomatoes have some better support now.

Added tomato support
Added support to the tomatoes. It’s somewhat beginning to resemble a jungle…

Next year we should really follow the advice concerning sowing distance though. I’m seeing possible problems everywhere now. Cabbages are growing all over each other, arugula and carrots are competing for sunshine and lovage steals sun from some of the peppers. Lesson learned for next year 🙂

Its just so crowded! Strawberries, cabbages, beans, peppers, marigold, chard, arugula… And that’s not even everything to be seen on this picture of 1/3rd of the patch…

Updates on the vegetable garden

Concerning the potatoes by the way, we dug one of them up! We were really curious how many potatoes one plant has, and of what size they are now. I was positively surprised! There’s 800g of potato, and they look great! Can’t wait to try them 🙂

Another thing that really surprised me, are the flowers of the beans! They’re a really odd shape. The one on the picture kinda looks like a dove to me… I suppose that since they started flowering, it doesn’t take long before the bear fruit.

Bean plants flowering
Bean plants flowering. Love the odd flowers!

The peppers are doing great, with all the rain we had the last weeks they’ve experienced some explosive growth! The Numex Twilight are growing a small army of peppers, while the Cayenne and Yolo Wonder paprika go for size instead of numbers.

Yolo Wonder paprika on the left and right, Numex Twilight on the front center and Cayennes on the center back 🙂

As for the rest, the cabbages are still growing like crazy. The white, red and savoy cabbages are finally forming crop instead of spread-out leaves! Meanwhile, the snails seem to have a specific love for oxheart cabbage. While the other varieties are barely being munched on, the oxheart is being devoured. And I thought the one in my last blog was badly harmed… 😉

We’re also still getting some harvest from the strawberries, and the onions are growing to massive size! Can’t wait for when they’re ready, just to see what size they’ll be! 🙂

Garden overview
Garden overview. Welcome to the jungle 😉

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