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Dehydrating strawberries

So far, we’ve been harvesting a LOT of strawberries. We’ve eaten a lot of them as a snack, made jam, liquor and added them to various salads. Lately however, I feel like the supply is slowly drying out – the sign strawberry season might be over. I really wanted to keep some for later so I thought this was a good moment to dehydrate some!

I decided to do this as an experiment on a late evening, so I used strawberries that were waiting in the refrigerator to be eaten; there were probably a couple hundred grams of them. On a sidenote, it still amazes me to think that “I don’t have that many strawberries left, I need to harvest more”, while we used to buy the same amount for a ridiculous amount of money at the store… Whilst thinking we bought a good amount of them 🙂

A pile of strawberry slices, waiting to be dehydrated!


After checking them for bad spots and throwing the bad ones on the composting bin, I washed them. I don’t wash strawberries before refrigerating them, because I’ve noticed that if they’re (somewhat) wet they seem to go bad faster. And I don’t want that 😀

After washing it was time for hulling and slicing 🙂 And also cutting off more bad spots as I notice them. Sometimes bad spots are hidden beneath dirt or the hull. I cut the strawberries as evenly as I could, in slices of about 2 – 3 mm thick.


After that, it was time to put them on dehydrator racks. One thing I didn’t realize beforehand, is that strawberries shrink like CRAZY. Next time, I’d put them on racks with less space in between the bars or on a cheesecloth or something like that. Many slices fell down in the process of dehydrating.

Strawberries before dehydrating
Before dehydrating…

Since they were going to dehydrate overnight, I set the timer for a bit longer time than I would have otherwise. I just wanted to be sure they’d be ready in the morning. So I put them on 57 degrees Celsius for 9 hours.

The following morning this was the result:

Strawberries after dehydrating
And after!

And yes, the photos were taken from the same distance and angle as well as I could. They’ve really shrunk that much! And they taste and smell SO good! I think I need to make a lot more; they won’t last too long 😉

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