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Steady growth – Garden updates (12)

As the weather continues to become more summery – and even goes over the top sometimes as it hit 30 degrees Celsius this week – the vegetable garden continues to grow. The potatoes seem to love the weather, as the plants are absolutely massive. They slowly but surely continue to flower (and grow some more). I wonder what size potatoes we’ll be able to harvest when they’re ready… 🙂

Potatoes and tomatoes
The potatoes in the back are even bigger than the tomatoes in the front. They’ve even almost outgrown the sunflowers that are growing between them!

As you can see, the tomatoes are also doing great! We just need to think of a better way to keep them upright, as our DIY reed sticks don’t seem to have enough strength to do the job.

One thing I also noticed is how much the beans have grown! Last week they looked more like a couple stalks with some leaves on them, but now they’re really starting to look like bushes. As they should, since we picked non-climbing varieties. Although the middle row looks like they might want to climb so we might have made a little mistake there. But we’ll see 🙂

Beans! They’ve really been enjoying the warmer weather of this week it seems 🙂

Another thing we made a mistake with – although it’s more of a case of mistaken identity – we thought we’d planted Brussels spouts… But seeing how the plants develop, I think we might have accidentally planted broccoli. 🙂

*Makes a mental note about properly labeling sowing beds in the future

Brussels sprouts or broccoli?
Broccoli or Brussels sprouts? I guess we’ll find out as time goes by 🙂

And as I said I might do this week, I harvested the oxheart cabbage that looked ready to harvest. And, in my opinion, it was! I think we harvested it right on time too, as I discovered lots and lots of snails hiding underneath it. Which would explain all the damage on this poor cabbage 😉

Now I’m not really a cabbage-person, but if I eat it it’s usually in recipes with rice during winter time. But because we just harvested our first home grown cabbage, I really wanted to try it! So I looked up some recipes, and decided on a salad. Way out of my comfort zone, but if many people published recipes with it, it has to be good 🙂 So, we tried it… and I loved it!

So far the vegetable garden is a huge success, and I love spending time there. I love that vegetables and fruits are slowly but surely coming into harvest season and I can finally taste the fruit of my labors (pun intended). Not everything I try is a success, but I’ll get there 🙂 As slowly and surely as the vegetables continue to grow.

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  • Ilona

    De tuin doet het echt ontzettend goed. Hartstikke leuk dat je zoveel van eigen grond eet! Ik was benieuwd of er al een update over de eieren is maar nog niet zie ik

  • Frans Veldman

    Jaleous of your vegetable garden! Too bad we had our farm house for 20 years but never got around to set up a vegetable garden ourselves. Any attempt always ended by the horses breaking loose and eating the plants before we got any chance to get our reward, and we were too busy with various other things to become too deeply bothered by it anyway…
    Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading it!

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