Recipe: Red fruit salad

Since a week or so, there’s three types of fruit on our property that have become ripe in astonishing (to me) amounts; strawberries, redcurrant berries and cherries. That means we have loads of ripe fruit to eat and preserve, and while I like to preserve them for later, I just love eating them fresh. My favorite thing to make with them so far, is a quick and easy fruit salad. And it’s really versatile as well!


  • Strawberries (180g)
  • Redcurrant berries (65g)
  • Cherries (180g)
  • Optional: a couple mint leaves
  • Optional: cinnamon

I listed the amounts I used if you think you’d like the same ratio, but you can really use any ratio you want. It really comes down to which fruit you like best, or have more of : )


  1. Wash the fruits well, take off the stems and cut off any bad spots.
  2. Put the redcurrant berries in a salad bowl or other container.
  3. Cut the strawberries to size. I usually cut them in quarters : )
Yum, had to resist eating them right away : )
  1. Cut the cherries to size. I usually cut them in halves around the pit, pull those halves apart and take the pit out of the half it’s stuck in : )
Look at that beautiful dark purple color… <3
  1. Add the strawberries and cherries to the redcurrant berries. Keep them layered like that for aesthetics, or mix them together for use.
Fruit salad!
Beautiful layers, if you’d ask me : ) The green mint also looks SO good.

At this point, you can add mint or cinnamon to taste, or refrigerate the fruits by themselves. I like to add the cinnamon and mint when I want to use the salad.

I like to use the fruit salad in my breakfast, quark with granola. Add some cinnamon and it’s like eating a dessert. For breakfast! It can’t really get any better than that ; )

Or add some mint, to eat it as is or to add it to a glass (or bottle) of water. Not only does it look good, but it’s healthy and gives the water more flavor.

Fruit salad with mint, for the ultimate summer-feel!

Now I think of it, I should also really try to make these three into a jam or liquor…

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