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Spotted the first peppers! – Garden updates (11)

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it… As the title of this blog implies, we spotted our first peppers! Both chili’s and bell peppers : ) They’re still small, they’re still green, but they’re there. And I’m loving it!

Two visible bell peppers!
There’s actually three bell peppers on this plant, if you look closely you can spot them all : ) Can’t wait for them to grow!

I’m not quite sure if this specific plant is a Yolo Wonder or a Mini Paprika, but I guess we’ll find out as it grows : )

As for the chili’s, both the Numex Twilight and the Cayenne have started to produce:

Numex Twilight
Numex Twilight, with small peppers beginning to form.
Cayenne pepper
Cayenne! They’re already a lot bigger than the Numex Twilight produce : )

As for the rest of the vegetable patch, things are going really well! Since we put up the netting nothing seems to have been eaten by the doe – although we had some lettuce casualties caused by snails. They’ve also munched on the cabbages, but they’re pulling through just fine : )

Oxheart and white cabbage
Cabbages! I think we’ll harvest the oxheart cabbage on the left this week : )

One thing we noticed with the cabbages, is that the oxheart variety is growing and maturing a lot faster than the other varieties. Where the first oxheart is ready to be harvested, the savoy cabbages still have to begin to form an actual cabbage-shape. So far, the order from fast-developing to slow-developing seems to be: oxheart, then white, red and lastly savoy. The red cabbages also have barely begun to get shape.

I also have to say, I’m just so proud of our tomato plants! A little over a month ago they seemed to have been dead beyond saving, but now they’re lush and green and developing flowers again. I’m amazed by their perseverance!

Tomato flowers
Tomato flowers!

As for the rest, everything else is growing and developing steadily. The other notable thing vegetable-wise, is that the beans are having a grow spurt : )

Bean plants
Bean plants, growing steadily!

As for the garden overview, here it is! The bolted arugula is blocking the view of the cabbages, but I promise it’ll be gone next week : )

Garden overview

As an extra sidenote, we’re having a lot of strawberries and redcurrent to harvest – every day! It won’t be lot till I either have to use my dehydrator on them or make jam… Or maybe both? : ) We also have a LOT of cherries to harvest, since they’re becoming ripe! We harvested and preserved “some” today:

Harvested cherries
LOTS of ripe cherries. Our estimate is 10kg of them! And there’s more…

We estimated the weight (as is) as 10kg. We cleaned and preserved 3kg (cleaned weight) of them today, and we’ve got many more cherries to go before the bucket is empty. And then there’s many more of them on the tree!

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