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Fruits coming in season – Garden updates (10)

Buckle up and have a cup of tea at hand, because it’s gonna be a long one! : )

After I wrote last weeks taste test by the wild doe, we decided enough was enough. We want to eat our own vegetables as well! We figured putting netting over at least a portion of the vegetable garden (with the vegetables we like best) should solve the problem. So we put a net over about half of the vegetable garden, covering the arugula, onions, cabbages, beans and some of the strawberries. It looks horrible and is very annoying when I need to reach something underneath, but the doe hasn’t touched the vegetable garden since : )

The garden portion that's covered with the netting
It looks horrible, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I’m not sure if you’d notice this, but the potatoes have been growing like crazy lately! They’ve even started developing flowers now…

Potato flowers! I wonder how long it takes for them to bloom : )

And we are not the only ones who have noticed how nice and green and beautiful our potato plants look… The Colorado beetles have, as well. Since I found the first one this week, I’ve been checking the plants a couple times every day to see if there’s more there. So far it’s not so bad, but I’m getting rid of every one I see.

Colorado Potato Beetle
Even though I have to get rid of them, I really like their looks! : )

Something else that’s been doing great, is our tomatoes! Believe it or not – I certainly still don’t – but most of them have recovered from the frost 3 weeks ago! Only 4 of the 10 or so plants we had died. I replaced them with new plants that I sowed right after the frost, and I can’t wait to see the difference in yield between the old and new plants!

They’re so lush and green now, I can’t believe it : )

The various peppers have also been planted in the main patch, as well as the Brussels sprouts. This week, I’ve also moved the kale and cucumberplants out and planted marigold in various places in the patch.

Brussels sprouts, cucumbers and kale
Next to the potatoes are the Brussels sprouts, on the right some cucumber plants and in the front small kale plants

By the way, the squash have also moved out! In the end, I decided there was a little bit space left for them in there, but we will have to force them to grow upward. I hope that works, or else they’ll have to grow outward into the grass. I don’t think they’ll mind : )

Garden overview
Garden overview. The cabbages are hiding behind the arugula ; )

Zucchini patch

I also replaced the zucchini plants that had frozen to death. I left one, because it still had green leaves and looks like it might recover. Fingers crossed for that! I tossed out 4 of the 5 plants that were there, and planted 3 new ones I had sown inside.

Replacing zucchini plants
A huge difference, if you ask me! On the left the old, dead plants and on the right the new ones : ) The middle one is the old one that seemingly survived the frost.

Herb patch, aka Barren Wasteland

Now this one was a surprise to me. I went to weed it, with a half mind of just buying pre-grown plants and plant them there. Maybe a nice flowerpatch or something, to attract more bees : )

But, as I was weeding, I discovered the dill is actually growing! The basil is also not dead (yet) and seems to have grown a couple more leaves. The thyme has a grow spurt, and the rosemary is slowly but surely growing!

Herb patch
The herb patch, with in the front the dill and basil, and behind the thyme. The rosemary is in the back right, hiding in front of the grass : )

One thing I noticed, is that the dill in this patch smells a lot better/stronger and is a lot greener than the dill I have grown inside. When they’ve grown a bit more, I’ll try and taste test if the taste is different as well.

The Orchard

What can I say.. The orchard is doing amazing! Fruits are really starting to be recognizable and are growing like crazy : ) We’re in a bit of a race with the birds who gets most cherries, and so far they seem to be winning. But we have a lot of other berries, like strawberries and redcurrant : )

The walnuts are growing steadily, and becoming bigger by the day… I’m glad they survived the frost, a neighbor wasn’t so lucky.

Walnuts, still growing!

The pears are getting pear-shaped!


The apples are getting bigger, and are also getting more color! There’s quite some size difference in some of them.

Apples! Also, beetle butt.

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