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Wild deer taste test – Garden updates (9)

As you might have seen on my Instagram, the vegetable garden has been visited by a wild deer. Thankfully, she hasn’t done much damage (yet), but it’s real fun to see which vegetables she likes best. So let’s have a look, shall we? ; )

Day one

The first thing we noticed when we visited that garden this day was the absence of spinach. The spinach already had bolted, so I didn’t mind, but the stems were clean. Every single leaf was gone!

The arugula – which we planted right next to it – was unharmed. They weren’t missing a single leaf. I guess she didn’t like the scent! : ) The chard, which was also planted right next to the spinach on the picture below, also wasn’t harmed. It wasn’t even stepped on!

Another thing worth noting, is that the lettuce at this point was still intact. I had even harvested one this very day : ) The only thing gone was the spinach.

Day two

The next day, we went to the garden as usual. At first glance, nothing much had happened. The spinach still was gone (I really should remove those stems, but it had been raining pretty much non-stop), the arugula still unharmed… The beans are growing! The lettuce is doing great…. wait, wasn’t the lettuce a bit higher yesterday?

On closer inspection… Oh no, the deer has eaten the tops off of them! I can’t really help but laugh at the level of sneakyness. Or maybe it’s just smart. The lettuce doesn’t seem to be badly harmed. It might even continue growing and be ready for (human) consumption later!

She only ate some of the biggest plants which were ready for harvesting, and left the smaller ones to grow. Makes me wonder if it’s coincidence, instinct or even intelligence?

Day 3

While I went to the garden for the daily inspection, I wondered what would have been eaten today. There weren’t really any vegetables left a deer would like, would there? The tomatoes (which are coming back to life!) don’t look very tasty to me. Potatoes same story. I’ve also never heard of strawberry plants or herbs being eaten by deer – but then again I’ve never heard of people having deer in the vegetable garden – and for some reason I don’t think she’ll like cabbages. Maybe nothing will be eaten anymore?

Well, that was a bit too much hope. She ate some of our bean plants, and strawberry leaves (but none of the ripe and unripe berries).

Strawberry plants with their leaves eaten.
Look at those poor plants, missing their leaves…

Tomorrow we will put some netting over the patch, to make sure she won’t eat more… Next time she’ll eat the remainder of the lettuce! That would be sad – for us. ; )

To summarize

  1. Spinach
  2. Lettuce
  3. Strawberry leaves and small bean plants

To be continued… Or hopefully not : )

Garden overview
Overview of the garden, in between rain storms : )

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