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New harvests! – Garden updates (8)

This week wasn’t really exciting garden-wise. Everything’s “just” been growing – although that may be an accomplishment on it’s own – and doing well. The arugula and spinach have continued to overshoot and the arugula’s even started to bloom. I never knew what their flowers look like, so it’s interesting to finally see them. They look quite odd… : )

We’ve ofcourse kept harvesting the arugula, but it grows so fast and we have so much, that we simply can’t keep up with them. There’s worse things I suppose! : )

I was also able to harvest the first couple of radishes. I’m not quite sure witch variety they are, but they’re not too sharp. They’re perfect! And they look great, too… Nice and red : )

Another thing that’s almost harvestable is the lettuce! The first plants we sowed are already looking great! What’s amazing to me, is that we have loads of snails in the garden, but they haven’t touched any of our vegetable plants (yet)…

The lettuce is almost ready for harvest... : )
Lettuce, with some radish on the right : )

The strawberries are also going great. There’s loads and loads of them on our plants, and the first couple of them are slowly starting to redden. Though I feel like they will all be done really soon. I think I’ll need to come up with ways to use them all up, or to preserve them : )

Ripening strawberries!
They’re ripening…

2 weeks ago we’ve sown haricots vert and snap beans, and they’ve finally emerged! I’m really excited to see how they’ll do. The cucumbers have also emerged by the way. Can’t wait for them to grow cucumbers, especially since we’re using at least one cucumber per week.

Grow, little beans!

And, as usual, an overview photo of the vegetable garden. As you can see, everything is doing great!

Garden overview
Garden overview. Everything is growing like crazy!

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