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Warmer weather saves the day – Garden updates (7)

Buckle up and have your cup of tea at the ready, because it’s gonna be a big one : ) I’ve got lots of pics to show, of which many of the fruit trees! Ever since Ice Saints feast (my last garden update) temperatures have been rising, and it hasn’t frozen at night anymore either. It’s causing a cascade of things happening in the garden – it’s like the plants are saying: now it’s our time.

Garden patches

Overview of the main garden patch
Overview of the garden. It really looks like it’s exploding with greens : )

Since that fateful Ice Saints feast’s night we’ve been closely monitoring the plants and watered them a bit extra – I figured if we wanted the best chances of survival for the frozen plants, they’d need all nutrients they could get. And I’m hopeful it paid off! Let’s have a look…

The potato plants are bouncing back to life. They’ve lost most of their leaves, but new leaves have started to develop. I hope they didn’t lose too much growing time, but I guess we’ll find out in autumn when they’re ready to harvest : )

Potato plant bouncing back to life!
You can see which branches have died off due to the frost, but the leaves on the top are all fresh! Most of our potato plants look like this, thankfully.

As for the tomatoes… As I mentioned in my previous garden update, they really seemed to be dead. We hadn’t taken them out of the garden yet because we didn’t have immediate need for the space, but now it looks like some of them might be surviving! Small, bright-green leaves seem to be developing in the top of some of them… I’ve sowed some more tomatoes, but I’m also gonna see if the old plants might survive.

One of our - seemlingly - surviving tomato plants
As you can see, new leaves have emerged… Most of the plant looks like the branch in the top-left corner though. All brown and shriveled…

As you can see on the overview pic on the top, it’s business as usual for most of the other plants in the main patch : ) Everything’s growing great. Little cabbages are starting to develop on the cabbage plants! At first I wasn’t sure if cabbages in nature were growing to eventually look the ones you can buy in the supermarket, but now I can see what’s happening ; )

Cabbage plant
You can start to recognize it’s a cabbage now! : )

The arugula and spinach are growing faster than we can eat it. Even though they’re on our menu for at least twice a week, and I use it as/with some of my lunches as well… They have even started to develop flowers!

Flowering arugula and spinach
Flowerbuds in the spinach (left) and arugula (right)… Not quite sure how I feel about that ; )

As for the other patches, in the herb patch it’s business like usual. The dill is growing slowly but steadily. What the thyme is doing I’m not quite sure, but it’s growing even more slowly than the dill, in any case. The basil isn’t dying off, but it also doesn’t look like it’s growing. All in all, it’s still a bit of a barren wasteland ; )

Please excuse the weeds. It has been raining a lot so they took their chance. And I’m not gonna weed in the rain… ; )

The zucchini died because of the frost, although there’s still some hope for one of the plants. It still has 2 (seemingly) good leaves, but it doesn’t seem to be growing or developing anything so far. Fingers crossed! : )

The pumpkin patch is much like the herb patch a barren wasteland, the seeds don’t seem to be sprouting : ) It was a far fetch anyway, and I’ve pre-sown some indoors in hopes they’ll sprout. If/when they do, we’ll figure out where to put them.

Orchard / Fruit bearing plants

Now for some photo’s of the orchard and fruit trees/bushes/plants… With some new appearances : )

Strawberries. This view just makes my mouth water.
Apple species unknown 1. There’s so many of them on there!
Apple species unknown 2. These are just HUGE already!
Pears in progress… There’s just so many on there! : )
New discovery on our property: blackberries! Also full of flowers and buds.
Lots, I mean LOTS, of cherries!
Baby walnuts : )

And that’s it! As you can see, there’s lots and lots of fruit developing. We really noticed the fruits started growing since last week. It’s also interesting to me how different species of apples seem to develop. One of the apple trees has small fruits with an already red-ish color, while the other one still has fully green fruits.

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