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One night’s frost… – Garden updates (6)

… to destroy it all. Maybe a bit dramatic, but that’s how we felt when we checked on the vegetable garden yesterday. Generally speaking, gardeners (at least in this area) wait with planting crops outside until the end of Ice Saints feast. Which is, at least around here, from 11 to 14 May. After that, we don’t expect real low temperatures/frost anymore. Imagine our horror when we found our lawn frozen, the morning of the 15th of May…

We didn’t have time to check on the vegetable garden right away since we had to start our day jobs, but later that day we found our beloved plants slimy and dead…

Zucchini frozen to death
Poor zucchini… They look so, so sad right now…

Granted, we were really early with planting outside, especially the tomatoes, but since we’ve had great weather before and with Ice Saints feast was inching ever closer we didn’t think we would have any more serious frost. Boy were we wrong… That night, it had frozen with temperatures around -3 degrees Celsius. Guess the Ice Saints wanted to go out with a bang…

Tomatoes frozen to death, and potatoes clinging on to life
The tomatoes passed on to the next life, but there’s still some hope for the potatoes…

Out of all the plants we already had outside, the zucchini, tomato and peppers/chili’s died. The potatoes look a bit sad, but they look like they still have some healthy leaves so I think they might make it. If there won’t any more frost that is. I hope the Saints are so hangover we won’t see them anymore until winter. : )

The arugula, spinach, onions, carrots and cabbages are just fine. Maybe a bit eaten by snails, but at least no frostbite… ; )

Strangely, the arugula, lettuce and spinach seem to be just fine! As are the lovage, parsley, chives and dill. I’m especially surprised about the dill surviving since it’s leaves are so delicate and small. Or maybe that’s why it survived?

Overview of the garden. Doesn’t look too bad from this angle! : )

As to moving on, it’s a bit late in the season now but I’ll still re-sow some tomatoes and zucchini seeds. It would be really sad to have no tomatoes and zucchinis in out first year of vegetable gardening, especially since I use them so much in my cooking. I think it’s still a good time for zucchini, but worst case scenario I’ll have to think of a use for green tomatoes. Luckily, I know there are some good recipes out there to use them in!

Oh, and now the Ice Saints hopefully have moved on, we sowed some green beans and haricots in the main patch as well : )

Have you ever had bad luck with serious frost this late in the season?

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