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Overview of the garden patches – Garden updates (5)

For this weeks garden update I wanted to give you an update of the whole vegetable garden. Almost every variety we want has been planted and had been given a spot to grow into adulthood. While we started with the main vegetable garden and the asparagus bed, we now have 3 additional patches on which we planted vegetables. They’re nowhere as huge as the main patch, but we simply needed the space to sow everything we wanted. I say everything, but we still don’t have space for the broccoli… And I still kinda really want to add garlic to the ‘planted’-list. So, without further ado, here goes : )

Main vegetable garden

Overview of the main patch

This is what the main vegetable patch looks like now. I believe it’s almost 40 square meters, and almost fully planted. What we have planted in there, and what we still want to plant are the following (front to back):

  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Lots of arugula and spinach
  • Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Rhubarb (sown, but they don’t seem to sprout yet)
  • Cabbages (4 varieties)
  • Strawberries
  • Radish
  • Cayenne peppers & Yolo Wonder paprika
  • Marigold
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Potatoes (Bintje)
  • Roma & Antalya tomatoes
  • Herbs: lovage, chives, parsley

In addition to that, we also need/want to sow/plant the following varieties there as well:

  • Numex twilight/Chinese 5 color peppers
  • Mini paprika
  • Brussels Sprout

Every time I list it like this, it kinda scares me.. We have so many different plants! At the same time, it feels amazing to be able to (try to) grow a portion of our own food. As you may have seen on my Instagram page, we’ve already started harvesting the spinach and arugula.

Spoiler alert: they taste amazing : ) I’m really glad we’ve sown so much of it, because I love my salads on hot days!

Zucchini patch

Overview of the small zucchini patch
The zucchini patch

Lets get this out of the way: yes, the patch is WAY to small for this amount of plants. So why did we plant all of them in there? There’s a few simple reasons:

  1. We sowed them too early (I think) and they seem to have stopped growing, so we figured there was little harm in placing them near each other
  2. We didn’t think we had more space for them (more on that in a bit)

So far they seem to do alright though, some of them are developing flowers : )

Zucchini flowers

Herb patch, aka Barren Wasteland

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration since there is some life, but I had hoped it would go a bit faster. Although that might have been unrealistic expectations from my side : )

The Barren Wastelands with all its inhabitants

As you can see, there really isn’t much life yet. The dill on the front left has recently started to become more green and is growing a bit, and a couple seeds have sprouted as well. The basil on the front right, seems to be at some kind of stalemate. It isn’t growing, but it also isn’t dying off. The thyme – at the small reed-stick in the center – has sprung to life and has started growing : ) A small victory!

The rosemary and lavender I had planted in the back haven’t shown any signs of life – they haven’t even sprouted – so I figure they have lost the battle in the wastes. Either that, or the seeds I’ve used were too old. I’ve had the sachets in my possession for a couple years already ; )

Pumpkin Patch

Remember how I said we thought we didn’t have any more (good) space to sow more plants? That was before I remembered we had removed a huge fallen tree (I talked about that in a previous blog) and the soil there was still barren. It’s good, black, nutritious soil though, so why not plant some seeds there? So we did.

The “pumpkin patch”

We sowed some more zucchini, just in case the other plants would die off (yeah I know, back-up plans for back-up plan(t)s), some butternut pumpkin and some what we call regular pumpkin. I got the seeds from my mom, so I’m not sure what they’re called : ) They’re edible though! We make soup from them in autumn : )

Asparagus patch

Last but definitely not least, the asparagus patch. This one has become my pride and joy ever since a steady stream of asparagus has started growing. Every time I’m out in the garden, I can’t wait to see if any more delicious, white stems have appeared on the surface.

The asparagus patch.
The asparagus patch, complete with asparagus that need harvesting : )

As you can see, it’s (somewhat overdue) time to harvest again. There’s about 15 asparagus ready for harvesting, so I’ll do that right after I write this blog ; ) It’s not exact science ofcourse, but we get about 400 grams of asparagus every week. For free! Couldn’t be more excited about that : )

On a sidenote, can you believe how much the plants on the main vegetable patch grow every week? To me, someone who has a vegetable garden for the first time, it’s amazing to look back at the pictures every week. Every time I make my weekly overview photo I think nothing much has happened… Until I compare to last weeks photo : )

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