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Rain at last – Garden updates (4)

The last week it has been raining pretty much non-stop. And I’m glad it did, because the garden really needed it. The grass – and even the moss – had started yellowing, the soil was beginning to look like dust and the ponds water level was starting to get really low.

On the positive side, it was the perfect time to move the remaining tomato plants into the garden! They wouldn’t get sun scorched or too dry. Since they already started flowering they really needed to go outside, so we did as soon as it didn’t rain for a little while : )

Tomato plants, out in the garden.
Tomato plants, freshly planted outside : )

As you can see, they’re really big as well. And we’re still using the DIY reed supports! They seem to be really durable, and so far they’re doing the job so we’re really happy with that : )

We also had a little stow-away in the tray the tomato plants (and some herbs, which we also moved out) were in… After photographing it, we released it in a safe spot.

A toad which we found bathing between the saplings.
A little toad, bathing in the water meant for the saplings : )

Everything in the vegetable garden is growing well, and doing great. I think we might be able harvest the first arugula and spinach soon! I think I’ll make a nice salad of them : ) Otherwise there really isn’t much to report about the vegetable garden.

Overview of our vegetable garden
Vegetable garden overview. Look at how big the arugula and spinach is growing!

There is something to mention about the orchard though. Most trees have lost their blossom, and some are still in what seems the final stage of flowering. They kinda look like regular trees now ; ) On closer inspection however, there’s already fruit developing!

Cherry tree with fruit
There’s fruit developing in the cherry tree…
And on this (we think) pear tree : )

I can’t wait until the fruit is ripe, and we can finally taste it! I’ll probably have to wait a few more months though…

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