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Grow spurt galore – Garden updates (3)

The fun think with gardening is, if it’s your garden and you see it every day, you’ll never notice things start growing and how much progress they’ve made. If I look back at the pictures of a week ago, I’m astonished by the amount of growth the vegetable garden has gone through!

But first things first : ) I’m not quite sure if I have posted a picture of it before, but near the vegetable patch we have a rack with many strawberry plants on it.

The rack with strawberry plants. Not all containers fit through the grid, which is why they’re standing so crooked : )

They didn’t seem to do much, but as of this week we really see a lot of new leaves, and most importantly, flowers appear! If they continue this growth and if the bees do their work, we’ll have many strawberries to eat later. Yum!

In the last garden updates, I talked about how the basil and dill in the vegetable garden were (probably) dead, and how the seeds I sowed there hadn’t sprouted yet. I even had commenced plan C, which was to plant more basil and dill indoors, and keep them indoors because I know they’ll at least survive there. Honestly, I had given up all hope on the herbs outside. But today, after I watered the plants as I do daily, I saw this…

Baby basil! They’re finally sprouting, after two weeks! I’m gonna be honest here, I did a little dance when I saw them : ) For reference, the seeds I planted indoors (from the same sachet) sprouted after two days. I guess the weather outside didn’t prompt them to sprout… until now! The dill has sprouted as well, but those plants are even smaller than the basil so I couldn’t get them on camera : )

The zucchini is still growing, although a bit yellow. They are developing flowers though, so I take that as a sign that they’re (at least a bit) fine.

Please don’t notice the weeds. I promise I’ll take care of them tomorrow.

And as for the big patch… The unions are growing like crazy, and so are the arugula and spinach! The carrots take some more time to emerge, but they are slowly starting to show themselves as well.

We also moved more vegetable plants outside. Next to the spinach we planted cabbages; red, white, oxheart and savoy cabbages.

We also moved lettuce outside – I wonder if there’ll be a difference between lettuce seeded indoors and outdoors when they’re ready for harvesting. They look a bit sad on the picture, but I think they’ll turn around when they’re there a bit longer. As you can see, the potatoes in the background are also growing well!

All in all everything seems to be growing well, and the vegetable garden looks like it’ll be grown over once everything’s ready for harvesting. I wonder we’ll be able to grow everything we initially wanted… We still want to plant broccoli, bussels sprouts, kale, beans, peppers and probably some more I forgot : )

There’s also a lot of strawberry plants that somehow appeared in the patch, they have also started flowering. I think I’ll leave them in until we need the space for vegetables. In my opinion, you can never have too many strawberries! And I hope snails like the strawberries better than the (young) lettuce…

The patch is really beginning to look like something… : ) A massive change since I weeded the patch in a previous blog post!

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