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Trying out my food dehydrator

Ever since I got my food dehydrator I’ve been itching to try it out. I didn’t want to buy fruit or veggies specifically to try it, so I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long… : )

Ever since we have to work from home, we’ve been buying – and eating – a lot more fruits. And because we do grocery shopping once a week, we buy quite some fruit. Last time, we bought a bunch of bananas… only to forget to put them in the refrigerator, causing them to become overripe way too soon. I didn’t feel like eating a bunch of bananas in a single day, so I figured it was about time to try the food dehydrator! Maybe that way they’d last a bit longer : )

So, I started with 5 bananas and cut them into slices of about 1 cm thick and laid them out on the trays that came with the dehydrator. The banana slices almost filled up two trays : )

A while ago I had been given a book on dehydrating food, with a lot of types of produce and at what temperatures and times to dehydrate them. I looked up the recipe for dehydrating banana, which said 57 degrees celcius for 9 hours. But it came with a note, saying you’d better not dehydrate overripe bananas. They don’t dry that good. At this point I was too excited and decided I’d try it anyway : )

I set up the food dehydrator – the power cable was a bit too short for the spot I placed it initially – and placed in the trays at approximately equal distance. After I took this photo, I decided I shouldn’t store the trays I didn’t use on top of it, so I also removed those ; )

Then it was time to turn it on… The display to edit settings is actually really easy to use. The touchscreen responds to slight contact, and the display is easy to read. Even in the bright sunlight we had that day : )

So, I set it at 57 degrees for 9 hours, and set a timer on my phone to monitor it every now and then. It didn’t take too long until I saw results, but it really started to show after just 3 hours. They started to look like small Brie cheese : )

After 5 hours, they looked like collapsed Brie : ) Where it looked like the banana developed a skin of some sort on the last picture, now it really started to look like they were dehydrating.

When the timer ran out, there really wasn’t much body left in the banana slices. When I tried one, it wasn’t crispy however. It was kinda… like gum with a soft core inside, and they chewed away easily. It felt like not all moisture was gone, and they seemed too ‘wet’ to me. So, I set the timer for two hours more. Two hours later, they looked like this…

Two hours prior they had looked exactly the same, so I didn’t get my hopes up. And for good reason : ) They seemed to be of the exact same consistency as before. I think it’s because they were too overripe, and the sugar prevented them to dehydrate completely.

They still tasted good though, so we finished them : ) Since they were still too wet, I figured we couldn’t keep them for much longer. We ended up finishing the whole bunch in a day… ; )

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