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A glimmer of hope – Garden updates (2)

Well, it’s safe to say the tomato plants we planted outside have died. They probably weren’t happy with the burning sun during daytime and the around-freezing-point temperatures at night. Can’t say I blame them, but it’s a bit sad.

Luckily though, we still have (a lot) more of them! In fact, the tomato plants inside have grown like crazy and even started developing flowers… We’ve started the process of hardening them properly, so they’ll be able to move out as soon as possible : )

The zucchini plants outside are still growing strong. A bit yellow-ish, but they’re growing and even started developing flowers – like their counterparts we still have growing inside.

The potatoes and unions are doing great. The unions are all sprouting, and I’m also beginning to see the first sprouts from potato plants! : )

Potato sprouts

The arugula and spinach are also doing good. The arugula is doing great, actually. Not all spinach is sprouting, but I think we’ll have plenty to eat anyway : ) The spinach had also begun to make real-spinach leaves! Which I think is really exciting : )

The carrots didn’t sprout by the way. I think it was too cold for them, so I re-sowed new seeds at the same place.

From left to right: spinach, arugula, carrots that didn’t sprout, unions.

The self-sown herbs are doing so-so. The basil has died, but the thyme and dill are looking like they’ll make it. When I put the sprouts outside, I also planted some seeds with them in case the plants wouldn’t make it. The seeds haven’t sprouted yet, but there’s still hope : ) Just in case I also have started plan C – which is plant more herbs inside, in pots that’ll stay inside… ; )

The chives, lavas and parsley – the herbs we didn’t sow ourselves – are doing great. The lavas and chives are becoming HUGE!

Chives (left), and lavas.

We’ve also sown rhubarb, lettuce and radishes in the vegetable patch today, and also some mint and oregano in pots. Can’t have a summer with weather like this without fresh mint-water and mint tea! : )

All in all I think the garden is looking (and doing!) great. We’re probably making lots of rookie mistakes, but in my opinion that’s part of the fun and getting to know the garden.

Overview of the main vegetable patch. With flowering kale! : )

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