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Harvesting the first asparagus!

Apart from the vegetable garden and orchard, the previous owners of our home left us something else: an asparagus bed! If you’ve seen my instagram pictures you might have seen it already.

It started a few weeks ago with the first asparagus head showing itself above ground – and by now there were around 10! Some were starting to become green, so it was about time to harvest them.

We tried two different techniques to get them from the ground; digging them out and cutting through the ground as deep as you can to cut the stem. First we tried the method most asparagus farmers seem to use; cutting through the ground.

This method felt tricky since you can’t see if there’s any other asparagus growing between the knife and the asparagus. We actually cut the tip of another asparagus while doing this, which felt like a waste. I’m not sure if that one will continue growing, but we’ll see : )

Next we tried digging away the ground next to the asparagus, and then cutting it as close to the roots as possible.

This method takes a little bit more time and effort, but in my opinion was well worth it. We actually dug up a couple asparagus which had another small asparagus growing right next to it, and we might have destroyed them if we used the other method. On the next picture there’s an asparagus with a little twin sitting at it’s feet : )

While we were harvesting, we discovered more and more asparagus that were ready for harvesting, so in the end we had quite some produce! Now to think of a recipe to make with them… : )

The whole asparagus harvest

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