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We might have made a mistake – Garden updates (1)

In my last blog I wrote about how it was supposed to be good weather the upcomping days, so we planted some of our plants in the garden outside. What we didn’t anticipate, is how much of a good weather it would become…

The past few days we’ve had blazing sun all day, almost no wind with temperatures rising above 20 degrees celcius! Which was awesome for us – t-shirts and shorts were begging to be worn again – but not so much for our small plants that were used to be inside… Especially the tomato plants are showing signs of sunburn.

Sun burned tomato

The dill doesn’t look so good either, they were bright-green when I planted them. Maybe they just need some time to adjust… I give the plants all the water they might need as soon as the sun goes down, just so they might recover faster. Also, since we just planted them they still need to develop roots to get enough water themselves.

The basil and thyme are looking okay so far, and the zucchini is doing just fine : )

The arugula, spinach and onions are also sprouting by the way! Especially the arugula is doing just awesome… If it keeps growing like this we’ll have our first home-grown arugula salad in a couple weeks : )

Spinach is on the left (the line isn’t complete, I wonder if the rest will still spout) and arugula on the right : ) You can almost see the arugula grow… ; )

The orchard is also exploding blossom because of the weather. In just two days our cherry tree went from all empty (with still-green buds) to a sea of white. Our appletrees started some time ago already to start blossoming, but they grow whiter and whiter by the day : )

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